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Different in that the fly has action from both strips of mink, and action of the fur attached to the strip. Marabou vanes are much longer than minks fur and have their places that mink won't do..
I added a note of how I ty them below. The strips also have a tiny bit of mass so at the pause in a strip reacts differently and the whole fly "flows" from the head to the tail.
It is also the easiest big fly I ty to cast.
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Individual mink hairs are finer than a vane of marabou.
Mink in the picture is called micro mink strips( the width of the fir strip is narrower than the regular mink strips). I use both sizes for my mink streamers and I've never seen anyone else use mink in a fly like mine (could be that's just not a very impressive looking tie :) )

The tail is 4 strips, short one on the bottom, little longer for the sides and a little longer still for the top strip. Add a little flash, then wrap a strip around the hook shaft like wrapping a hackle to the hook eye. Attach the shank to the hook, then tie in just like the tail except the length of the bottom strip now being tied is long enough that the end that flows back to the hook is cut so that only the hairs touch, add the sides and top, then a little flash and wrap to about 1/2" to 3/8" inch from the eye, tie just like the tail but leave out the bottom strip or not. Most I tie with various sizes of lead eyes and I've a half dozen with out any lead. I usually add a single mink wrap behind the lead eyes or I build up some thread and glue some eye's on. Until this year I epoxied the heads on some, switched to LiguidFusion.
Great stuff! I also like Finn Raccoon.
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