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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by deerfly, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Well, big game season ended in my zone yesterday. I hunted every chance I could (exclusively with a longbow) since about 11/8 and ended up 0/1. :-[ I was fortunate enough to get access to an 80 acre piece of private land near the house with some very good deer moving through it. Never been so close to so many braggin size deer in my life, but only one shot opportunity and I missed. A real trophy animal too, woulda been the biggest I ever killed, rifle or bow. :( That was at 10:04 on 11/20/07. Hunted it as hard as I could but no dice, a decent spike almost made a fatal mistake last Friday night, but that was as close as I was gonna get this season. The property has been subdivided and almost sold out too, so this season was probably it for good. :mad:

    Other than a Traditional Bowhunters of Fl state shoot and some Camp Boggy Creek charity work, I need to get re-focused back on fishing now. So I should be showing up around here a lot more. ;) I got a peek at some interesting builds going on too, so maybe this will be the year the Mitchell project skiff gets some action. :cool: - eric
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    Welcome back. :)

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    We doghunted yesterday and got 5 bucks on the first push. One was an 8pt. Unfortunately I didnt get to shoot. An 8pt turned right in front of me before I could blink he was gone. Oh, well. Next year maybe.
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    Let me get this straight. You abandon us to go chase Bambi for months on end and then come back with your tail between your legs and expect to take you back? OK, when we going fishing? :cool: Sorry the Bambi thing didn't turn in your favor. :(
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    :-? ugh? tail? that ain't no tail between my legs pal. :cool:

    You guys don't have to take me back then either. :mad: Its OK, I'll either get over it or keep posting until I'm banned for makin' too much sense and knowing too much about everything. :p
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    ;D ;D

    Glad your back :cool: