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extra parts- water in lower unit

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Hey fellas just walk in you through what I'm doing and what's going on
Shifting gears on my 99 25 hp 2 smoke yamaha was getting funky
went to change gear lube - check up
no lube - just a few ounces of terrifying saltwater- no metal sshavings
Filled her closed her up . Shot out the inlet for a quick limit on tIles.
Cameback . Few ounces of saltwaterand milky lube .
So it's aggressive.
Pulled propgreased ssplines cchecked prop shaft seal.
Found mystery rubber grommet behind prop used a coat hanger to pull out. Will load picture soon.
Plans- order seal kit. Re lubeand pressure test .
Anything else I should be doing?

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Did you check driveshaft and shift shaft seals?
Sucks, but at this point i wont reseal a lower unit anymore unless i do all the seals at once

that's good advice !

just replacing one seal is asking for trouble !
reseal the entire lower unit - replace water pump
pressure/vacuum test !

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Ah nice dude. New job is crushing me. I'm finally one of those guys that can't fish all the time. You'rea tech yeah? Know how much someone would charge to rreplace all the seals?
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