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Evo X New Build

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Build starts late March.
Evo x build
Hull/Console, sky blue
Deck/cap, Matterhorn
**Atlas Micro Jack plate with reinforcements from HMP.
**DF60A Suzuki w/Foreman prop and Compression plate.
Raycor water/fuel separator
CENTER CONSOLE upgrade flush mount 12”NSS EVO lll
*Hook puller, 1 cup holder, *2 grab rail, one on each side of console
*Switches in console top compartment W/BATTERY SWITCH usb and ignition key
*Three rod holders on starboard side of console.
*Wired for TM. 24v lithium mounted forward hatch.
Tanners Rod holders under gunnels
*Piano hinge all hatches w/gas shocks
*Remove all buckets except under seat
*Black ops
*Cushions, white xtra thick pleated, black piping
*Back rest bolt on
*”V” Marine Push pole holders and caddy
*Forward offset to port folding cleat.
*Bait well insulated
*Poling Platform, Modern version with cup holder/10mm Seadek, side steps topped w/Seadek, added forward step.
24’ Stiffy Guide series push pole
*Casting platform 12” legs w/dual anchors 10mm Seadek with led spot light
Forward and Aft rod tubes.

Aluminum upgrade

12” NSS EVO lll w/ thru hull transducer
Nema pkg
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Do a Nano Jack from @HullMarineProducts, atlas is junk and bobs is way too heavy.

Depending on where you plan to run, compression plate, heavy cupped prop and maybe low water pick up. Just depends on where and how you fish.
Yes i hated the Bobs Jack on my panga was nothing but another thing to worry about ,it worked great dont get me wrong just added weight and another thing to think about other that catching fish ill never have another.....
You wouldn't be able to get where we go to get to reds here in Texas without a JP. I wish nobody would use em. More back water for me 🤣

would be related to where the cat flats rigs with 400s plow the shallows.
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I haven’t installed the HMP plate yet but the fit and finish is excellent and seem rock solid stout. Can’t wait to get it on the boat.

I do know a guy who is running and HMP plate, has been for a bit and he is hard on his equipment. Still perfect operating condition.
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I have been checking them out. They just shipped their first batch about 4 months ago. We can't start specifying new products from new companies until they have been around a while. They do seem great though! Time will tell.
Why can’t we? The guy I know that’s has it on his boat guides and is tremendously hard on his boats and fishes super skinny waters. Tyler is a solid dude, very high QC and I personally trust the product. Trust it way more than the atlas. I will report back after I have had it on my boat a while.

One thing we know for sure is that mocrojackers are a tire fire.
The Atlas 4” rated for 300hp is little over 46lbs. Bought one and weighed it personally, didn’t install, too heavy. Hydraulic is 70 including pump, also had one and also weighed it. Splitting hairs but that is the real numbers.

Of the Atlas micro plates I have seen, at least half were dog $&@$. Worrying about the motor falling off down the highway isn’t on my risk list.

I will take my chances on a young engineer with a new business.

I was making a suggestion to Vinny, that’s it. Had a long conversation with him about Chittums. Seems like a good dude. Hate for him to put that garbage on his boat. He can do what he likes.
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“Young Engineer with a new business” I’ll support the entrepreneurial spirit 24/7! It’s what made America great!!!
Yes sir
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I only take it off in high wind situations so line distance from my stripping hand to the deck / mat is shorter so not to fight line blowing off the bow. With that said, when it’s reallly windy, fish usually aren’t as spooky
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