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Evo X New Build

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Josh from East Cape called, I’m up. Feel free to make suggestions/recommendations, I’d appreciate it.
Evo x build
Hull/Console, sky blue
Deck/cap, Matterhorn
**Hull HMP Jack plate which is mounted as high as possible.

**DF60AV Suzuki mounted as high as possible to the JP
Raycor water/fuel separator
I need the boat to run in the back with Negative winter tides in SW Florida
I’m putting a Cav Plate and 3x cupped Jack Foreman prop as per recommended. I need the boat to jump up with minimal if any transom squat.

*Priorities , shallow draft when solo polling and hole shot. Not concerned about top end.

CENTER CONSOLE upgrade flush mount 9” NSS EVO lll
*Hook puller, 1 cup holder, two USB receptacle
*2 grab rail, one on each side of console
*Switches in console top compartment W/BATTERY SWITCH and ignition key
*Three rod holders on starboard side of console.
*Wired for TM. 24v lithium forward hatch.
*Piano hinge all hatches w/gas shocks
*Remove all buckets except under seat
*Black ops
*Cushions, bolt on, white xtra thick pleated, black piping
*Back rest bolt on
*”V” Marine Push pole holders and caddy
*Forward offset to port folding cleat.
*Bait well insulated
*Micro power pole
*Poling Platform, Modern version with cup holder/10mm Seadek and led light, side steps topped w/Seadek added forward step
*Casting platform 12” legs w/dual anchors 10mm Seadek

Aluminum upgrade

9” NSS EVO lll w/ thru hull transducer
Nema pkg
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YOU can. WE (EastCape) cannot.
I have spoken to Tyler as well and we will watch his product closely.

One anecdote about a guy someone else knows is not enough for us to make a product claim to our customers.

Atlas has had some well documented issues with the Micro but for every bad one out there we have sold 100 with no issues. As I said, mine is 11 years old and is just now getting loose in operation. That’s reasonable.

Tyler’s product seems great. Time will tell.
Atlas Micros are turds. I’ve had over 50 skiffs in my shop since I started my pickup installs and about 35-40 had Atlas Micros…every single one was sloppy, broke off the transom, burned up actuators, even the latest one was brand new and sounded like a dying cat even after lubrication. You better keep yours because it must be one of the five good ones! I wouldn’t even install an Atlas Micro on Finnegan’s skiff if he had one…but East Cape and others will still install them knowing they have a historically terrible reliability record? They are just a bad design and many out there with machining tolerances up to 1/4” off! My last client had his break off the transom on the highway and grind off half his prop and part of his compression plate. Not the first and won’t be the last. Y’all have seen the photo, I had the actual East Cape Lostmen in my shop just last week. (Hell no I didn’t mount that compression plate I just trimmed it to even it out after being ground off on the blacktop…haha)
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I don’t blame EC for not quickly jumping on a new product. In my own field I got reps coming in all the time wanting me to try the latest and the greatest and I just laugh and tell them come back in 5 years then I’ll entertain it. Too many times the latest and greatest turned out to be a huge flop. I really hope this new product goes well because it’s good for everyone when stronger and better products come to market.
What field are you in?

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Am I wrong or is my shadow spooking Reds. While the boats a drift or held tight with a stikit, seems like when they catch movement via my shadow on a cast they move off. So I was just thinking a taller shadow would only make it more difficult or am I overthinking it like my wife says I do everything 🙄? She also recently diagnosed me with Disobediosis🤔
Yes your shadow will spook fish. Watch mullet freak out when a bird flies over and the shadow moves over them. Same concept. Also wearing bright colors is a big no-no. Try light colors like grey, white, light blue etc.
The idea is to pole shorelines so your shadow is not in front of you. Most of the time you will be poling with the sun more over head so no long shadows.
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