Ethanol in diesel now? Could this be the next thing?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TomFL, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. TomFL

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    Palm Beach Post article from this morning:

    "Crews from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are in Belle Glade overseeing the clean up of some 200 gallons of spilled fuel, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue spokesman Capt. Don DeLucia said.

    Several fire rescue crews were dispatched to NW 13th Street at W. Canal St. N at 4:36 a.m. where a plan to mix ethanol and diesel in a 2,000 gallon tanker truck went awry, DeLucia said.

    Investigators think the mix "wasn't right" and the ethanol ate through a seal and started a leak that released about 200 gallons, DeLucia said. The mixture was foamed down.

    If the fuel has seeped into the ground, that will have to be removed from the area, DeLucia said."
  2. noeettica

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    The friggin mix will NEVER be RIGHT !!!

  3. Brett

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    I know nothing...but now that you brought it up...
  4. TomFL

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    Boy they make it seem like a good thing........ :eek:

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  6. Gramps

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    ULSD is a cleaner diesel than the previous generation but does not have the lubricity of the older blends. Introduce a solvent that will "clean" my injectors further and I'll be screwed. Adding ethanol will cause my truck to eat $500 injectors guaranteed.
  7. twitch

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    Alcohol kills diesel injectors. Who do we send the repair bill to if this mix is forced on the general public?