Etec 60hp on a Panga Marine 18 Skiff

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    New to posting here and I know the Skiff is not a micro but it is close+- so I thought I would try.

    2013 18 Skiff CC with 2013 Etec 60hp and an Atlas Micro Jack plate. Etec rpm range is 5500-6000. Optimum rpm range 5600-5750. RPM @ rated HP 5750.
    I am trying to dial in the best prop for this set up. I have tried the SS 15" Viper and a 17" BRP aluminum, both 3 blade.
    13.875 X 15" SS Viper 30mph @ 6050 WOT
    13.25 X 17" Aluminum 32.5mph @ 5750 WOT
    The 17" performs well and the speed seems good for a 60hp but I would like a bit more stern lift. The boat does not porpoise but the bow rides high even when I trim the engine all the way in. I can level the boat with the trim tabs but that is like using the brakes.
    I called Powertech and they recommended the RXB4 16" or the SCD4 17". Both 4 blades will provide more stern lift. The RXB a little more bite and less speed. The SCD, a little more lift and speed but less hole shot. Anyone with prop advice on the Skiff?
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    +1 I run the rogue 4 blade in 17P