ETEC 25 converted to 30

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by jfboothe, Apr 4, 2013.

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    It has been a slow week at work. Most everyone is off on spring break and out of the office. Yesterday, I pulled up the parts catalogs for my 2011 25 hp ETEC and a 30HP ETEC and it would appear that both of them are exactly the same motor. The PNs are the same for the EMM, intake parts, exhaust, injectors, cylinder heads, etc. So the difference must be in the engine software and fuel mapping much like just putting a different carb on an older motor. So can this done via the Evinrude diagnostic software? I googled around trying to find some info on it and there really isn’t much to find. If it can be done, why wouldn’t you want to if the engine is already out of warranty?
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    That might get interesting but I do know that BRP has very specific warnings about monkeying with the injectors that come with my motors (on my third 90 now). The very high clean emission standards E-Tecs come with are only in place as designed, period.

    Then again some folks will always tinker with their gear......

    Of the small motors that they make the 30 is the only one that's caught my eye if I'm ever lucky enough to add a micro to my work boat....

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    Any new info on the subject?