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ENP Friday November 11

2092 21
Decided to celebrate Veterans' Day in the Everglades National Park. Caught the end of the outgoing tide inside one of the river mouths and started the day with a couple of snook. Mike brought a rat red and a chunky grouper to the boat before we ran up river into the backcountry to fish the mangrove shorelines of a couple bays that I like (and to stay out of the S/SW wind that was picking up).

Sky Vertebrate Cloud Crocodile Fish

Snook were plentiful in the back, but none larger than 26". I lost two more brand new MirrOLures to the grove snatchers but had fun landing more than a dozen on a Catch 2000 or Slayer SST's rigged on keel weighted hooks or jigs.

Water Sky Vertebrate Sleeve Fisherman

Water Vertebrate Sky Smile Fisherman

The transition to fall fishing is upon us and I fully expect the fishing to steadily improve as the air temp and humidity moderate and the water temperatures drop. Great time to be in the Glades!
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