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Engine Maintenance

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Posted this on the Gheenoe site, but looking for as much feedback as I can get, thanks in advance.

I'm running a Honda 20 HP and did my oil changes recently and just got thru replacing my fuel filters (I have one in the engine housing and one in fuel line before the squeeze bulb) plus new plugs.  My engine was starting good and running well as I put it in gear, then stalling when I gave it the gas.  My question is when you are finished for the day do you all disconnect the fuel line at the engine and run the carb dry or just leave everything connected?
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Brandon, FL
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If you are running a 4 stroke and run it dry everytime you will actually gum up the carb faster than not running it. Small amounts of ethanol will remain behind after the pertol is burned and this will absob traces of water and turn to gel, clogging your carb.
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