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  1. JimCameron

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    I told my wife I would look for a job, so here goes. First off, let me advise any prospective employer of my priorities. I wake up at 4am drink coffee and then go fishing. After fishing and breakfast I have to get home and walk/run my two dogs. It is usually about 11am by then and the dogs get fed, usually some of the fish I have caught that morning. I have to run errands, food shop, pick up stuff for my boat, by then it is about 1pm. Since I get up so early, I usually fall asleep for awhile, get up take the dogs out again, check the weather, tide, and moon phase for the next day. I mess around on the computer and feed the dogs again at 4.

    I am then ready to kick some butt in the business world. I would be a freaking whirlwind of production all the way up to about 7pm when I need to watch re-runs of the Sopranos.

    If you ever meet my wife, kindly tell her that I asked you for a job, okay?

    Thanks, jim
  2. anytide

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    buisy man ;) -'tide

  3. tom_in_orl

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    Very funny. Even my wife laughed.
  4. SaltyDawg

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    Very funny! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
  5. el9surf

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    That should be your cover letter when you send out your resumes.

    I was unemployed for a while. I always felt guilty not having a job. It always seemed like the harder I tried to find a job the less calls I got. When I would stop looking the phone would ring. On the other hand I took 2 surf trips and was able to fish and go to the beach whenever I wanted. Wouldn't trade that time for anything.
  6. Nick_Nickolson

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    YOU'RE HIRED!!! You can start, oh in a week or two or just when the water gets to hot to find fish on the flats. Please call when ready to show up.

    Thank you,
    Human Resorces Dept. Head
  7. JimCameron

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    Not so fast Nick. What are the benefits and how much vacation? I can afford to be picky.

    Tom, I will be available for boat cleaning duties, after May 19th.
  8. DuckNut

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    Jim I need you to answer my phones - since it only took you 14 months to reply here just imagine how effient you can be with the phone - you know, if I stop answering the phone maybe they'll stop calling.
  9. JimCameron

    JimCameron I Love!

    Duck Nut, hey, ease up!! I've been busy!

    But here is a tip I learned at the Harvard Business School. Not answering the phone is a bad idea. What you want to do is take it off the hook, and raise your prices at the same time. This gives the average caller the impression that you are so busy, that they'd better get in line for your product/service and they'd better shut up about the $$ increase or you'll drop them like a bad habit.

    I did my Ph.D dissertation on this which was published as the "Conundrum of Disrespect"
  10. TomFL

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    Sorry, that's a bad idea. Just look to the post office as proof.