Electronics stolen from boats in Palm City

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    Keep your eye's out & electronics safely stored!


    PALM CITY — Electronics and motor parts worth thousands of dollars were discovered stolen Tuesday from several boats at two businesses on Southwest Martin Highway, according to Martin County Sheriff's Office reports released Wednesday.

    A 54-year-old Palm City man told a deputy someone had taken the lower unit from one of his 2010 Suzuki 150 horsepower outboard motors at Palm City Storage in the 1600 block of Southwest Martin Highway. He also said he thought someone entered his boat, saying he noticed broken plastic pieces that he thought were from his marine electronics. The lower unit was valued at $5,000.

    A deputy also noted items appeared to, or may, have been stolen from three other boats.

    An electronic navigation package valued at $9,000 had been stolen from one boat. Another boat appeared to be missing electronics, but a deputy couldn't reach the owner. The third boat appeared to have been "gone through," but the deputy couldn't determine whether anything had been stolen. The deputy couldn't reach that boat's owner as well.

    Meanwhile, a deputy spotted a "fresh cut hole" in a fence between Palm City Storage and Olympic Lock & Go Storage. At the latter business, investigators found a lower unit missing from a Yamaha 250 horsepower outboard motor.

    The motor was on a center console boat, and the lower unit was valued at $5,000. The owner said he was going to check to see if anything else was damaged or missing.
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    Hey Gramps...doesn't TomFL live on Martin Hwy??? :D

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    Na, he's in the swanky part of town. But I do know where the boats are... :-?
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    Haha lol. That was a good one
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    Ha, swanky my azz... Looking for a place out west as we speak with a little more land and a workshop.

    Lucky for me I drive boats with older motors (not appealing like a new 4-stroke motor) and leave absolutely nothing of value on the boat. Everything comes off when I'm done, and it all goes back each trip. Once you've been robbed once, you learn not to leave them anything worth stealing.

    Thanks for the heads up