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    Well being unsuccessful in getting in touch with a marine electrician I am so over calling and calling and not getting a response I would rather do it myself now. Is it difficult to hook up a 12v bow mount TM? What would I need? I have the TM, battery tray,battery and thats about it. I have an onboard charger that I have yet to use would it be easy to hook that up to the tm battery? Also how difficult would it be to disconnect on old cd player and install a new one? I am 16 and have no electrical background other than putting up light fixtures but I pick things up quick. If there are any websites, books, instructions that could help me out I would really appreciate it. Also if anyone is in my area and has any background in marine electrical work looking to make some $ feel free to pm with any info as well if anyone can recommend a mobile marine electrician in St. Aug thanks alot also any coments on a clarion CMD5 thats what I am thinking of using thanks alot
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    hey man call the west marine in op and ask for dowe the number there is 904-276-4343 ask him for the number of his electronics guy his name is ronnie i forget his number he is a good guy and very fairly priced and he knows all about that stuff.


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    a little reading:



    and watching:

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    There is also a book called "The 12 Volt Bible", West Marine and all the big marine stores should carry it. 12 volts are really not that hard to figure out. Get a hold of one of the books and go from there.
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    12v systems are extremely easy to work on...
    It took me a while to "get it" , but it's one of the easiest things to do..

    do yourself a favor and get some extra wire and pratice soldering,  it'll save you tons of headache in the future..

    Solder, heat shrink, and only use tinned (silver) wire..
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    12v is easy. Current is the issue though. trolling motors, starters and spotlights are high current devices.
    Use proper gauge of stranded wire for the application. Use NO-OX grease on all crimp connections. Solder can be iffy on a high current connection if not done correctly.
    The CD is easy. Observe polarity and fuse the HOT side with a water proof in line fuse (2 amp. should be sufficient)