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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by UnitedFly, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. texasag07

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    Well I got the 9wt echo BAG quickshot 8' model today. I was looking for a glass rod that had no issues casting 60-80' into decent wind and handling most flats scenario's with light 10-15lb tippet which is not something that traditional glass rods do well.

    All I can say so far with my lawn casting is I am very impressed. First I lined it up with a 9wt SA aircel clear int tip line. It had no problem tossing this line to the backing knot with a small bead chain shrimp pattern. I then swapped to the cortland flats taper 9wt liquid crystal flyline with very similar results with the same fly.

    I have never casted a glass rod like this. If you slow your stroke down the rod casts similarly to a lot of glass rods and easily hits short shots. Though I feel the defining factor for this rod is what it can do when you speed up your stroke and push the rod. Most glass rods seem to fall flat on their face when you try to speed up your stroke and tighten your loops. The echo just smiles and grins and shoots line nobody's business. I could apply a stroke almost as fast as my graphite rods with a very tight loop or I could slow it down and get a more traditional glass feel.

    I have a feeling this rod is going to take a lot of market share from EPIC and other high end faster glass rods business.

    I will hopefully get the rod out this weekend to test it on some redish or bonito to get the full review.
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  2. jsnipes

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    Thanks for review - planning on picking up one of those quick shot models!

  3. crboggs

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    Wife gave me a BAG 10wt for Christmas today. Now I have an excuse to look for a reel to hang on there. Excited to get some experience with a glass rod. Any line recommendations?
  4. mosquitolaGOON

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    Is anyone throwing the newer 8’ quickshot?
  5. jsnipes

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    Yea I bought a 7wt a few weeks ago. Only fished it a few times but REALLY like it for redfishing. Feels more fit-for-purpose than my Epic 888 honestly.
  6. mosquitolaGOON

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    What line?
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    I have a Bandit also, that thing is awesome. I use it as a 9wt.
  8. jsnipes

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    Used an SA as well as an Airflo. I like the SA lines better on all my glass, seem to cast well.

    Yea, the Bandit is the coolest glass rod of all (IMHO). If they made a smaller one I would buy it asap.
  9. Sublime

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    Bumping this one. I have a bad ass glass 8wt - 8ft rod coming and looking for the right line now that people may have had more time under their belt with this rod. My understanding is with these glass rods, you want a short head and thick taper, but no too much overall weight. (8wt line weight in grains are all over the board)

    My target is redfish primarily with lots of 30 ft and under shots usually on short notice in 2 ft or less of water.

    I'm looking at SA Mastery Redfish Warm right now.
  10. mosquitolaGOON

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    I’ve been meaning to bump this thread. I have the 8’ 8wt “quickshot” and absolutely love it. I thought it was gonna be a wet noodle but I have no problem making accurate casts at most distances. Most of my fishing is what you mentioned, sight casting to redfish within 50’.

    I tried both the Wulff BTT and Bermuda Shorts and much prefer the shorts line on that rod. 224 gr with a 23’ head, perfect for that application. The SA mastery redfish warm is similar and should do just fine on that rod as well.
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  11. eightwt

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    Echo site has line recommendations
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