EC Fury with 60 Merc

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by E-money, May 18, 2017.

  1. E-money

    E-money Well-Known Member

    I am just figuring out how my skiff likes to run. If I jack my motor up to where the cav plate is just above the bottom of the hull, and trim my motor up so that the prop shaft is parallel with the bottom of the hull (maybe slightly more), then I am getting 34 mph at 5300rpm with a 14p 4 blade. I can trim the motor up and jack it down but then I need more tabs, and I still only get 34 mph but at 5600 so the motor is just losing efficiency it seems like. This is with full gas, two guys and gear. I'd like to pick up a little top end if possible. Thinking of trying a 13p, 3 blade. Good idea or bad?
  2. Marsh Pirate

    Marsh Pirate Active Member

    I believe I'd go the other way 15p/3.
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  3. mtoddsolomon

    mtoddsolomon Lip Ripper

    I'm still thinking you should go with the same prop that Steve Ward has on his black fury
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