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    Perfectly legal ...

    Man has been Munch'n on 'em forever...get over it !!!

    by NATALIE SWABY / KING 5 News

    Posted on November 2, 2012 at 8:41 AM

    Updated Friday, Nov 2 at 1:03 PM

    SEATTLE -- The fallout continues after a man wrestled an octopus out of Elliott Bay on Wednesday. While the man did not break the law, upset divers said what happened highlights the need for a change.
    Divers Bob Bailey and Scott Lundy witnessed two men throwing the octopus in the back of a pick up truck and confronted him.

    Bailey said, "What are you guys doing?"

    The man answered, "We are hunting. It's legal," according to Bailey

    Bailey responded, "It's legal but nobody does that, it's wrong."

    "When you see these animals under water they are graceful, they move, they flow. When you see them in the back of the truck squirming it is not nearly as impressive. It's sad," said Lundy.

    Bailey and Lundy posted photos and their account of what happened online. Within 24 hours they received a big response.

    "The outrage today is phenomenal," said Bailey.

    According to state law, it is legal but there are guidelines, like you have to be licensed and you can only catch one octopus a day. A Fish and Wildlife Officer investigated and said it appeared the diver who caught the octopus followed the rules.

    Bailey and Lundy said they understand the rules, but in their many years of diving at Cove 2 in Elliott Bay, they had never seen it happen before. Now a group of dedicated divers wants to make the popular diving site a protected sanctuary from the law. They said they are already reaching out to city leaders.

    "People come from all over the state, if not all over the country, to visit octopus just over here," said Lundy. "One octopus lost its life, but hopefully we can save the others."

    Bailey said many divers feel a connection with the Giant Pacific octopus in Elliott Bay.

    "It's like a petting zoo. We know where they are, we visit them, we give them names," said Bailey. "All we are asking is don't hunt here."

    The divers who caught the octopus declined to comment.
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    You know, I'm a hunter but I can understand their irritation. IMHO, if people are feeding them and acclimating the octopus in a relatively small area to human contact then those Octi's are pretty much tame. It's kinda unsportsmen to take tame game. It would be like one of use heading down to key's, stopping at Robbie's while people are hand feeding tarpon and throwing a seducer into the hand-feeding bonanza. Yeah, it would be funny...but not sporting! catch-up from a non-tourist area...

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    Oh yeah! I also realize something else. (Hasty generalization ahead) AMERICANS CAN'T COOK OCTOPUS! I had it a few times state-side. It was always awful. Like eating boiled rubber bands! I tried it in Ceveche' here too. Even worse! Then, while visiting my Wife's family in Panama I tried it again and OOOOOOHHHHHH MAN was it good! Tender firm meat. Mmmmmm!
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    I see your point ...but Death threats ... Really ...
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    Yeah, that's a bit much I do agree but look on the bright side. Taking a death threat from a PITA member seriously is as bad as paying heed to a BBQ recipe given by a Muslim. Lord knows neither knows a dang thing of what they speak! lol
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    Some people are very protective of their puss...

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    It's time to adopt a new 8pus. I hope they have a good recipe.
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    Haha, hippies. You know, there is something about pushing peoples buttons that makes me really happy. :D
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    Is a seducer the best fly for Robbie's?