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I'm not a certified Outboard mechanic but I am a Certified GM and Chrysler Tech.  I know this will seem redundant to a lot of members but I figured I would share some knowledge.

Fuel, Air, Spark remember these things when troubleshooting no start issues on your outboard.

1. Fuel is the easyist thing to check for.
Tools required-spray bottle with premixed fresh fuel in it.
( You can use starting fluid but I do not recommend it)

Remove your cowling and spray fuel directly into the carb.
Try to start the engine if it "pops off" then you have a fuel problem.

2. Spark- still very easy to test.
Tools required- in-line spark checker (about 8 bucks from advanced auto) or screwdriver and high pain tolerance.

Remove a spark plug wire from the spark plug install the spark checker.
Try to start the engine look for a visible spark in the window of the spark checker.
If no spark you have an ignition problem.

3. Air / Compression little harder.
Tools required- compression tester (you can rent or borrow this from most auto parts stores)

Do a search or look in a manual for your stock compression value.
Remove spark plugs and insert the tester into the hole.
Crank the engine continually at full throttle for at least five to 10 full revolutions for an accurate reading on the compression tester. 
If there is more than 15% variance between the cylinders or a large difference between the manufacture's stated value and your reading you have an air / compression issue

Fuel issues- This can be from many things but I like to clean and replace everthing that is affordable when I have a fuel issue.

Drain fuel tank clean as nesscary.

Replace fuel lines if you can, if not blow them out with compressed air.

Replace filters.

Last and most important remove and clean the carburetor paying close attention to the jets. (right down the amount of turns of your jet settings for quick tuning) 
If you do not feel comfortable rebuilding the carburetor most shops will do this for approx. 1 hour of labor if you remove it and bring it to them.

Spark issues-
This can be as simple as a bad killswitch to a bad stator.
Check the obvious first i.e. broken wires, disconnect killswitch. 
If you are pretty handy with a multimeter then check resistance on all wires.
Most of the time it is simple but if you cannot figure it out you have two options
Option 1- pay a pro
Option 2-usually cheaper than a pro if you have an old motor, just search ebay for replacement components and replace one at a time until it works.

Compression issues- usually left to the pros

I hope this helps some of you and if you have any questions PM me, I'm no outboard pro but maybe I can send you in the right direction.

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I might add to get an OEM repair manual. It will help you remember were that little spring went after you spent 3 hrs on your hands and knees to find it behind the compressor were it landed. It will also have compression numbers and such as well.
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