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East Matagorda Bay

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I’ve been doing some research in this area and really want to fish it before I move out of Texas (July 2020). Are there any good launches on market street next to the Colorado river (FM 2031)? From the satellite pictures it looks like maybe a kayak launch or two on that road and I’m wondering if I could get my skiff launched from one to avoid making a huge run from Matagorda Harbor to the south shoreline where I’d like to fish. Thanks in advance I’m driving out there Monday most likely to check it out
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The tripod in @Finn Maccumhail 's link is where you want to cut through if launching anywhere in Sargent. It will still be about a 7 mile run to the south shoreline (done it many, many times)

If you launch at Matagorda Harbor it is about a 9 mile run to the south shoreline, so pick your poison.
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