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East Matagorda Bay

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I’ve been doing some research in this area and really want to fish it before I move out of Texas (July 2020). Are there any good launches on market street next to the Colorado river (FM 2031)? From the satellite pictures it looks like maybe a kayak launch or two on that road and I’m wondering if I could get my skiff launched from one to avoid making a huge run from Matagorda Harbor to the south shoreline where I’d like to fish. Thanks in advance I’m driving out there Monday most likely to check it out
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I’m talking about the first cut out of the icw from sargent that is super easy to navigate for someone that hasn’t been on that bay surely know which one in talking about. It has that weird tripod looking thing just in the other side of the cut. I’ve never measured it, but I’m 95% sure it’s closer to that cut from Sargent than it is from matagorda harbor. Either way, I like putting in at Sargent because it’s less crowded.

I see now that the op is asking about a different part of the bay.

I just want to get my boat so I can go fish again.
There are tripods all along that bay and even all the way to Oyster Lake. I think they used to mark the old ICW or some other channel before it possibly.
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