SOLD/EXPIRED East Cape Lostman

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    CL, Not mine
    Not sure if someone else had posted this or not but here it is.
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    Was posted some time back. I emailed the owner, still available, he's in CO. He's 2nd owner had ECC put $1800 of upgrades after the purchase. Says the boat is turn key with zero issues. I have his contact info if anyone interested.

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    It's right down the page:
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    Did you get my msg's on the Lostmen? May be having difficulty getting them out, have sent two. Leave reply if a problem and I'll get you my personal mail.

    Texas Yankee.
  5. Fellas - just looking out for any prospective buyer/s and their valuable time. I know a guy that has seen this boat in person and the skiff/craigs ad is not completely accurate to the actual condition of this boat.
    If I'm a buyer driving any kind of distance to see any boat, I certainly would appreciate this heads up.
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    What issue's are you aware of?
  7. I don't want to turn this into a big ole fiasco. But buyers do your due diligence. Contact the owner ask for detailed "current" pics of the underside of hull, console box, steering, bow, trailer, keel, and ask specifics relating to the deck separating from the stringers.

    To all....I am not out to bash a sale or any seller. I expected hate mail from this. but..I asked myself what is the right thing to do. As a rookie forum member, I am the first to keep to the spirit of what this forum intends and provides. Keep in mind, I'm posting this because a good friend of mine took a hard to earn day off from work, cashiers check in hand, and made the trip, and I'm out taking this risk because of that outcome. Betting that more would appreciate the tip over those that may take issue with my post.
    If I can save just one getter-done from a disappointing long drive home, or cause a buyer to really probe for specifics on the lostman, then this post has done its job. (myself.. I prob would have had to rearrange the chaps star cookie).

    I do work long and hard just as I'm sure all do or have done on this forum. Making a boat purchase is a major family decision. The minute I set foot in my pickup to travel to see a boat it becomes a resource commitment.

    Some may be ok with issues on each of the details I mentioned above about boat. I however, think the average buyer would err on the side of caution and inquire a tad bit further on the definition of "turn key", and "great shape", and only guided a couple times out it.

    Sincerely/Regards to all.