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East Cape Gladesmen skiff questions.

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I hope I am posting this in the right thread. I have a few questions about the gladesmen that I hope someone can answer.

1. How stable is this boat with two people in it?

2. How well does this skiff handle decent chop? (Fishing Galveston bay area.)

3. How shallow can this boat run?

Thank you.
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I have GMan and I fish West bay to Surfside. I always plan my fishing so I can stay out if choppy big water. If the open bay had a light chop, you’ll be OK, but if you start to get whitecaps or rollers out in the open bay, it would be wise to stay out of it with a Gladesmen. If you get caught up in it, you’ll be OK, but I wouldn’t intentionally go out in it. It’s 18’ length helps you keep from nose diving into the troughs.

The boat is tippy. If you are fit/agile, you’ll get used to it and it won’t bother you after a few trips out in it.

With all that said, it is the funnest boat I’ve ever run. It’s an adventure every time I’m out in it, and I can push the damn thing through 3”-4” of water and grass. Also, it’s so light, it extremely easy to dry launch and handle.

As far as shallow running, it runs shallow, but a true tunnel will run shallower. You have a decent bit of skeg below your hull.
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Thanks man! This is perfect.
I’m not sure where in TX u are, but I’m in the Spring/Woodlands area if u ever want to put your eyes on one.

Just direct message me if interested.
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