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East Cape Gladesmen skiff questions.

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I hope I am posting this in the right thread. I have a few questions about the gladesmen that I hope someone can answer.

1. How stable is this boat with two people in it?

2. How well does this skiff handle decent chop? (Fishing Galveston bay area.)

3. How shallow can this boat run?

Thank you.
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If you want to talk to the guy that dreamed it, designed it, built it, then give us a call.
The best answer I can give you on here is you need to ask who in your area has one for you to step foot on and try? Doing this will answer the questions your asking...
it's canoe based w/skiff appeal/styling. Hope this makes sense to you?
The exact answer Kevin gave me 6 years ago, when I asked. And also, if I remember correctly, the first name of company was East Cape canoe.Gladsman a great boat. As is the Glide.
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