Durango and Moab trip for all you Mountain Bike fans..

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  1. TomFL

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    Just got back from a trip out west and thought some of you guys on here could appreciate the MTB scene out there.

    A buddy of mine bought a place in Durango and invited me to go out with him. I looked into airfare and found it pretty cheap so I jumped at the chance. Tried to get my MTB out there with me, but the thought of spending $300 to get it there and back made me think twice. Gene had a few cheap ones out there that worked fine and we had a blast. Rented a Yeti at poison spider cycles in Moab (NEVER rent from them) and spent a day there as well, but it couldn't hold a candle to Durango as far as riding.

    Durango has an incredible biking scene, with everyone riding to work, school, the store, whatever. Everything from cheap MTBs to top-line road bikes, to guys in engineer hats on fixies. You name it.

    First day we rode from Gene's place to the Telegraph trailhead. I guess the trail is named for the old telegraph line that was used back in the cowboy days.

    Where we were going:

    On the way up:

    View from the top:

    Next day we headed to Engineer Mountain (elevation 12,968 ft) and rode our bike to above the treeline, then switched over to hiking boots and scaled our way to the top. Not sure if it was the elevation, or dehydration or what but I had a bad day this day and had a pounding headache near the top. Got to within about 60' of the summit and had to stop, just didn't feel right or safe. Stopped for some pics of the incredible views, then hiked back down to the bikes and rode from about 12,000 feet down to the trailhead. Talk about a long downhill!

    We saw some Mulies (one decent 4x4 buck), some bison, some pronghorn antelope and 3 bighorn sheep during this trip, which was pretty cool. Some in Utah, some in CO.

    Pics from Engineer Mountain:

    The road to the trailhead with Engineer in the background. Man the scenery out there is just awesome!

    Alpine lake on the way up:

    Made a friend near the top of the treeline, a pretty bold little sucker:

    Ditched the bikes at one of the last trees and put on the hiking stuff:

    This was about 60-80' from the actual peak:

    Nice view from up there:

    Check back in the next few days as I'll post some video from the helmet camera from different days and trails.
  2. TomFL

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    More pics from the road trip to Moab from Durango and the scenery on Slickrock trail in Moab

    Snapping shots from the highway:

    Teakettle looking rock:

    To say it was crowded would be an understatement.

    Scenery shots:

    Colorado River:

    Blooming Cactus:

    The usual "Shots for Mom"...


    More misc:


  3. Gramps

    Gramps Living & Dying in 3/4 Time

    Wow! Thanks for the pictures Tom. Looks like a blast. Sure makes me miss living out west.
  4. Lil_Tate

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    what trails u ride up by you.
    i used to ride a trail off the Turnpike exit in Ft Pierce
    TOrn down since but there also used to be an awesome trail off Southern BLVD behind the kMart.
    Now I ride strictly Oleda River (Miami) and Markahm park in Weston.

    We'll have to ride sometime
  5. TomFL

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    Tate, I used to be a road-trip junkie, riding everything from Amelia Earhardt and Oleta down south to Alafia out west and Tom Brown in Tallahassee. My fave was always Reddick before it closed, I had a lot of good memories there.

    Was part of the group that made Jonathan Dickenson, before Mark the park manager "accidently" burned the whole place down with a "controlled" burn. That was pretty much the end of JD and my local riding. Plus the trail you refer to in Ft Pierce is on private property, and while it's still ridden I think you run the risk of a trespass charge.

    So I've been limited to the road bike a few times a week, which is getting crazier and crazier with road rage junkies. Judging by the pics, I need to "unlimit" the amount of riding I do and make it more closely match the amount of eating I've been doing.. ;) Climbing s*cks when you're overweight!

    A few times a year I manage to make it to Ellijay, GA and ride up there. Pretty much my MTB stays in storage until I head up there, just don't have much interest in riding summers at Halpat, the only place left local to ride around here.

  6. Taterides

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    Cool pics. I have hit the same trails , kinda funny. Engineer is kick ass ride. Durango city trails rock. Enjoyed the reminder of good times. :D
  7. Canoeman

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    Anytime I can get out west for any reason, it's a great trip. If I didn't have elderly parents and children here in Florida, there would be a big fishing gear sale, and I'd be waxing my skis about now. Although the altitude is tough on a coastal guy, the Durango and Telluride area is my favorite corner of Colorado. Thanks for the pics, I'm ready to go now.
  8. East_Cape

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    Seeing these pics make wanna put the crash pads on and free-ride again. Miss the days of riding in school and driving over to Ocala for a day of jumps/drops...

    Built a sweet single-speed messenger style, and now see it collecting dust.
  9. DuckNut

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    My legs are tired just from looking at the pics.

    Gives me a flashback...when I was in Chicago I bought a bike on Sunday, rode it to work on Monday and then had to take the train home because it was stolen while at work.

    I have gotten fatter ever since