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Dual batteries for trolling motor

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Any recommendations on going with a series or parallel 12v system vs 24v...
I'll have three batteries onboard.
Two designated for accessories, and trolling motor. The other, strictly for motor cranking.

It'll be my first boat setup like this...
I'm used to changing leads when my battery dies...
Or else just callin' it quits...

I think a series setup would drain them alot slower right...

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A 24v trolling motor will last a LOT longer than a 12v motor setup. Simply because the 24v setup will have so much more power you won't need to twist the throttle much to get the job done. If you're wearing out your 12v system repeatedly, you either need to shop around for a battery with a ton more rating in amp hours, or step up to a good 24v system.

Also, a 5-speed trolling motor (12v or 24v) will toast your batteries a LOT sooner than a digital one with variable speeds.

Check with Frank in Sebastian to see what he's using as he's come up with some new thing where he's getting a lot more time out of the battery. Plus he knows his stuff.

I've been running a 24v system with an RT80 minn kota on several boats for the last 6 years. My home area is probably one of the highest current-flow areas of the state, where the Indian river meets the St Lucie river; also IN the St Lucie inlet, and under the Roosevelt bridge. This is "leave the trolling motor at WOT all day" kinda water.

In 6 years I've drained the batteries once. And this is using a pair of Odyssey PC1200's.

Good luck whatever you choose to do!

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