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Dual batteries for trolling motor

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Any recommendations on going with a series or parallel 12v system vs 24v...
I'll have three batteries onboard.
Two designated for accessories, and trolling motor. The other, strictly for motor cranking.

It'll be my first boat setup like this...
I'm used to changing leads when my battery dies...
Or else just callin' it quits...

I think a series setup would drain them alot slower right...

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You can kinda Cheat LOL Run a 24 Volt System for the Trolling motor and then Pull 12 Volts off to run the other stuff IF The other stuff Does NOT pull to Much .... OR Run The 24 Volt System for the TM and a third separate Battery to power the other stuff .... I use a Dedicated 33 amp Hr. Sealed Wheelchair battery for the Bilge pump ....

The Final option is Just run a 12 Volt System Consisting of Two of the Biggest Honkin 6 Volt Trojan Batteries you can find

As a final Note Make up some jumpers to use in an emergency to get back on if needed

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