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Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by Rediculous, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Rediculous

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    I'm thinking of buying a dslr camera. I would mostly be taking pics of fish, and random cool things on the water. I'm leaning towards Nikon and Canon. I'm curious as to which brand is, or may be, a better choice for a beginner. Also, would a 18-55 lens be sufficient for taking pics of crawling or tailing fish at a bit of a distance?. I know, basically, nothing about photography or quality cameras. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Brett

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    My kid loves her Nikon D40 with the 18-55 and 55-200 lens.
    The wife is impressed with her Nikon D3100 with the VR 18-55 and 55-200 lens.
    For her the 3100's abilty to take movies is just icing on the cake.
    I'm still satisfied with an Olympus Stylus Tough 800 waterproof point and shoot for on water use.
    Small enough to wear on a lanyard around my neck and keep in my top pocket. It also makes
    for a handy vacation camera with surprisingly good images from a point and shoot.

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    can't go wrong with either brand, I prefer Canon, if your just getting into it then I would look at the Canon Rebel series. They are great starting cameras, the most important thing is 'glass' (lenses). As a beginner, you will not notice the differences in picture quality and and other the tricks of the higher end camera bodies. So you are better off starting with a lower end camera body (Rebel series for Canon) and spending the money on the higher end lenses. The kit 18-55 is a very standard lens and will not provide the reach to really capture a tailing red fish, unless you are within feet of the fish. PM me if you want to stop by a check my camera out, since your also in NSB
  4. Rediculous

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it. I'll definitely hit you up on that offer swaddict, thanks.
  5. mikeregas

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    If you are like me, you want it now. However, if you can wait till after Christmas you will be able to get a much better camera afterwards.

    Also I might be interested in selling a Nikon D90 body. Let me know if you would be interested in a used body, you would have to get the lenses for it though.

  6. paint it black

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    For photos, I love Nikon far more. For video, I like Canon better. Nikon photos have more depth than Canon. Nikon has more depth of color range than Canon, and more lenses. I have a Nikon D3100, and it does great for photos and more than enough for video. I used to shoot professionally with a Canon 7D and 5D mark II and for photos, I still lean toward the Nikon over the 7D. The 5D is full frame, so you can't compare the two. But for Photos between the 7D and Nikon D3100, I'll choose the Nikon any day. As for lens for tailing fish, an 18-55 is not enough. 55mm is close to standard eye vision, so you will need something more. I used to have a 55-200mm VR and found myself never using it, as it wasn't much of a zoom either. So I went ahead and traded it for an external flash, and am much happier with the flash than that lens. For tailers, I would suggest a 300mm lens.

    Just my opinion.
  7. Rediculous

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    I am the type who usually wants things immediately. In this case though, I'm willing to hold off for a bit and gain some knowledge before a purchase. So, thanks for the heads up about after Christmas. I may be interested in buying a used body. Let me do some more research, and I'll get back with you.
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    Looks like the 3100 is a sweet spot ... I had one and would do another ... I did the Leap to FX and am not sure it was worth it ...

    but last night I pulled out some "Legacy" class and think I found a good one ... A 400 F2.8 is a pipe dream for now ... LOL

    However Sony of all people have jumped onto the FX bandwagon entering at a scant $1500.00 and it accepts Leica Glass !

    Now it you have a bunch of Leica glass you would be golden ;-)
  9. Rediculous

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    Thanks for the help guys, it aided in my decision. After some research I concluded a superzoom point and shoot would be the best thing for what I wanted to do and money-wise. I ended up with a Canon SX50, which has a 50x optical zoom. Which equates to a 1200mm zoom. It also shoots RAW. I got it for 350$ from bestbuy.

  10. Tommysmicroskiff

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    Sounds good ...Now get a Really GOOD Tripod

    around $100 or more don't skimp on this ...

    and a remote for the shutter release ...