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According to Dolphin my 16' Kevlar SS weighs 500# and has a useful load of 900#

I had the boat, motor and trailer weighed Saturday and received a DMV certified weight of 1720#. The way they weighed it is missing about 100# of tongue weight.

After deducting the weights of the trailer, engine, batteries, fuel, trolling motor, tabs, platforms, jack plate, and hydraulic steering I come up with a weight of 600# for the boat and console.

Since 600# just happens to be the weight of the non-Kevlar version this leaves me wondering if the published dry weight included the console?

Then the next problem is useful load of 900#. My estimates for engine, batteries, fuel, trolling motor, tabs, platforms, jack plate, and hydraulic steering add up to 660#. Throw in another 100# for the console and my wife would have to go fishing by herself in order to stay under the 900# useful load limit.

Whoever comes up with those "useful load" numbers must not eat or drink too much.

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And ya'll wonder why I giggle when I read about all the extra's that
get purchased and bolted onto the skiffs that are being customized.
Start with a bare hull, that's where the builder gets his advertised hull weight,
then add on cleats, fuel tanks, wiring, lights, fuse panels/switches, nuts, bolts
screws, rubrails, steering, engine...well, you can see my point. it adds up fast.
What starts out as a lightweight skiff ends up a mini-war wagon
that needs 3 times as much water to float, as the builders advertised draft.  ;)

Honestly, I'm guilty of overloading too. Every couple months
I have to empty the Slipper completely, and only put back
the bare necessities. Amazing how gear builds up if not watched.
I'm thinking maybe it breeds in the storage compartments between trips. :D
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