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With regard to matching the hatch, do some research on the importance of the following; size, profile, color.

I use CDC since its a great material, straight forward, and for me I'm only really trying to match the main features of the fly.
This times a million. Don’t obsess over particular materials, if anything strive for less. Size is easily the biggest factor in my experience. If a particular trout is used to seeing a billon size #22 midges floating over its head all day, tossing a #12 (because it’s easier to tie/see) will be fruitless. CDC is a great material, inexpensive, floats like a cork, multiple colors, and can be utilized in many different ways (YouTube CDC dubbing loop). Most of my drys consist of tail fibers, tread body, and CDC. Takes 2 minutes to tie and kills ‘em. Good luck!!
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