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Got this in an email and wanted to pass it along...


Dragonfly's Land at The Fly Shop of Miami

Finally the weather has gotten better and we are thinking about fishing. This is the time to check out the new line of shallow water fishing skiffs from Dragonfly Boatworks. Each model is custom designed and built with the inshore fisherman in mind. At Dragonfly Boatworks you are the designer. From the flush decks to the recessed hardware, to the super quiet hull configuration utilizing the Dragonfly Acoustic Coating Process and many other innovative designs. Dragonfly Boats are designed and built by fisherman, not engineers sitting in front of a computer but men and women that share the same passion for fishing that you do and bring ideas from the water to the shop.

These fishing skiffs are raising the bar for what can be done to a boat that wants to go shallow and run smooth. Each model has it's distinct look and features that can be viewed on our website

See you at The Fly Shop of Miami
8243 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, Florida 33143
For more information call
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