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Dolphin Superskiff - Bait well - need your expert help

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Let me start by saying my knowledge of bait wells is Zero!

I recently brought a Superskiff it's a 1990 so it's basic by today standards, but I am deeply smitten with her and she seems like the perfect fit for me.

Now I haven't used bait in close on 20 years, and I've never used it on the flats, but seeing as there is a "bait well" I am thinking that maybe it would be nice to be able to keep a few baitfish or crustaceans alive when I fish for Tarpon.

The boat has a small well, with 4 thru hull holes, that are currently plugged, although they do tend to let in a few gallons during a days fishing.
There is an overflow outlet that runs out through the transom.

There is currently no pump, doesn't look like there ever was so I'm guessing it's a completely passive system.

So my questions are as follows.

Is this serviceable, as is, do I simply pull a plug let the water fill and then replace the plug to stop the bait escaping?

If not serviceable as is what do I need to do, to makes it so.
I can do all the wiring (Electrician) and I'm a pretty handy guy as far as plumbing or pipework. I'm guessing I would need some kind of pump and maybe a check valve.

Or should I simply use a free standing bucket with a bubbler and forget about the existing well, and if so how do I fill those holes so the hatch becomes usable for storage, right now it's neither one thing or the other.

Thanks in advance guys.
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Take a pic or two of that well -particularly where the various holes are and I'll try to help you sort it out. If I remember correctly their wells were mostly for shrimp and crabs since live baits don't do very well in smaller wells.
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