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Documenting trips (edit)

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Well this blew up for the worse ….. my intentions are to make cinematic clips for my self / friends / family I am not looking to out everyone’s spots and become Jake Paul ….. just a dude with a camera that would like to share my experience thru videos instead of a standard pic ….. get off my butt lol

Is there any filmers on here? I’m looking for someone to mentor me or answer certain questions regarding making YouTube videos or short videos documenting your fishing trips. I’ve got a GoPro hero 8 and a bunch of accessories that I need to put to use before I go spending money on editing, computers and real cameras. So far I’ve got Adobe Premiere Pro, my GoPro hero 8, and I have been messing with editing.
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Speaking of the right way ... Years ago, I was fishing a public but hidden creek, near a bike trail, known only by us locals that fish it. Mad the mistake of taking the bike path out. A few minutes later, a clown comes over a hill, sees me, and screeches to a halt. The GoPro is on his helmet. Starts pumping me for where exactly, what I fish for, how to ... Cut him off and asked if he was recording. He said "yeah, for my Youtube Channel." Tried to explain what was polite, and he cut me off, saying "I don't care." Replied "I do, and you don't have my consent to use my image, nor any anything I say." He was surprised to learn that I could withdraw what he assumed, then p****d. Said "don't give a s%%t," and went on my way. :cool:
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