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Documenting trips (edit)

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Well this blew up for the worse ….. my intentions are to make cinematic clips for my self / friends / family I am not looking to out everyone’s spots and become Jake Paul ….. just a dude with a camera that would like to share my experience thru videos instead of a standard pic ….. get off my butt lol

Is there any filmers on here? I’m looking for someone to mentor me or answer certain questions regarding making YouTube videos or short videos documenting your fishing trips. I’ve got a GoPro hero 8 and a bunch of accessories that I need to put to use before I go spending money on editing, computers and real cameras. So far I’ve got Adobe Premiere Pro, my GoPro hero 8, and I have been messing with editing.
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I remember getting laughed at while fly fishing the dock lights 20 plus years ago as boats drove past me and didn’t think I could hear them.
Now it’s cool!
Can’t speak for freshWater but I miss the uncoolness of it in the salt.
Absolutely hilarious!!!! This recently happened to me earlier this spring while my wife and I were on an outing in SW Fl for a week for our anniversary. (Her idea and BEST anniversary present ever!) We rented a cabin on the water and would hang out on the dock while enjoying some adult beverages every night after fishing all day. It was mid-to-late incoming tide the first few days and progressively shifted to an outgoing toward the end of our stay, at which point I started to notice some good sized snook absolutely brutalizing a couple lights across the way. I decided I'd take the skiff out on the last night of our stay to make my offering. A couple hours before I pushed off the dock a group of boys down from GA showed up for a weekend stay and it was clear they were here primarily to party. When I pushed off they were out on their dock a couple cabins down. Got to the target light, directly across the little channel from their dock, hit the spot-lock and whipped out the 8wt. It was the dead of night with no wind and I could hear every snicker, which slowly but surely converted to cheers of encouragement and sighs of disbelief as I proceeded to pluck one 25"-30" fish after the other on the first cast for about 45 mins straight. Definitely a memory that won't ever leave the vault.

Now, regarding the filming, coming from and being primarily raised on the Central East coast of Fl, I have watched video after video after social media post (from "intruders" and guides alike) spoil and overpressure our fishery. Let's face it, to get the views, get the money, and get the fame, you've gotta tag the "big spot" on your youtube video. If not for that reason, then I'm all for it. Shoot the hell out of it and have a ton of fun doing it, without the locations.
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