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Documenting trips (edit)

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Well this blew up for the worse ….. my intentions are to make cinematic clips for my self / friends / family I am not looking to out everyone’s spots and become Jake Paul ….. just a dude with a camera that would like to share my experience thru videos instead of a standard pic ….. get off my butt lol

Is there any filmers on here? I’m looking for someone to mentor me or answer certain questions regarding making YouTube videos or short videos documenting your fishing trips. I’ve got a GoPro hero 8 and a bunch of accessories that I need to put to use before I go spending money on editing, computers and real cameras. So far I’ve got Adobe Premiere Pro, my GoPro hero 8, and I have been messing with editing.
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Not really.

The internet creates economies of scale for spot burning.

Also, guides don't show their best spots to a new client on day one. As trust is earned, repeat customers get access to better spots and more information. There are the clients that keep their mouths shut and there are the clients that go straight to IG.
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