Doctor:Patient relationship

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    So Gandhi goes in for a physical. His doctor gives the examination and starts writing a SOAP note. Gandhi can't wait and asks what the doctor has found.

    "Mr.Ganghi, since you walk around bare footed; your feet are heavily calloused. Furthermore, your propensity for hunger strikes has left you emaciated, you're very underweight!  On top of that, what you do eventually eat, is giving you extraordinary bad breath!"

    "So doc, what's your prognosis?"

    "I'm so sorry Mr.Gandhi, but you're a super calloused fragile mystic, hexed by halitosis!"
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    thats funny ;D

  3. fishicaltherapist

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    That's good, can I use that with my clients? Home health physical therapy. BTW How do you your Cayenne? thx
  4. Megalops

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    License to use granted! ;D  (Of course it was never mine in the first place...)

    I really enjoy using the only complaint is that I need more free time to use her!  With that said, the skiff does everything as advertised:  runs very shallow, poles well, floats,  :).  It's a pocket tunnel, so on very calm glassy water conditions, she'll slide a little on the turns, and reverse is not immediate in response. Not a problem for me at all - just happy when i get out there, you know?