Docklight Tournament 9/27/14

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    We had some interest in doing another one of these but adding a couple species to the list. So here it is!!!

    Tournament Rules:

    -Mandatory Captain’s Meeting September 27th @ 6p

    -Weigh In will be held at Flint Creek Outfitters, 1502 N. West Shore Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33607, at 12p on September 28th

    -Catch and Release Photo Tournament

    -Fly Fishing Only (no scenting, chumming, etc..)

    -Teams must present measuring device and digital camera at Captain’s Meeting

    -Two man teams may fish from skiff, canoe, kayak, paddle board, etc…

    -Anglers may fish anywhere on the west coast after Captain’s Meeting

    -The total combined inches of one snook, redfish, and trout (to the nearest ¼”) will win the tournament

    -Snook, redfish, and trout of any size may be measured

    -FCO will provide a poker chip with a number to each team at the Captain’s Meeting. Chip must be in picture with fish. If chip is not in the picture, the measured fish does not count.

    -All boats must have required USCG safety equipment

    -$50 entry fee.

    -100% payback 1st-60%, 2nd-30%, 3rd- 10%

    -Raffle at weigh in
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    Count out of this one. I am fishing the Herman Lucern the week before and another one mingo tournament the week after.
    Good luck!!!