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Very happy with how my jack plate came out.  Wasn't really difficult to do, just need to take your time and think everything through.  It adjusts up and down by tightening the top bolt with ~4.25"-4.5" of adjustability. 

Materials used:  (4) 3x3x12" 1/4" thick angle aluminum, (1) 10x10 1/4" thick aluminum sheet, and (2) 3x3x9 aluminum angle -this was an issue size and required cutting., Jigsaw with a ton of metal cutting blades (they clog very easily), 2 clamps, drill, files.  Then various stainless bolts. 

Everything was pretty straightforward.  I went with carriage bolts for inside the slots, but a better way to go would probably be bolt with brass spacer.  Mine doesn't bind up any though, just requires you to take a turn off the four carriage slide bolts before using the adjustment bolt.  The top adjustment bracket needs to be cut all curvy like I did to clear the back plate bolts.  The adjustment brackets were also too big, had to cut about 1.2cm off one long side, and an inch maybe off the end.  Any questions for anyone who wants to do one just ask.  If I can do it any of you can.

Clamp and drill measured out holes before jigsawing

Jigsawed out the slide holes, this is before filing.  I went out and got the carriage bolt and found I had to file a few areas that got tight. 

A lot of my holes were lined up by clamping it how I wanted it, then either marking it, or just drilling through the existing hole.  For ones I just marked I would drill a pilot hole with a smaller bit first.

I used washers in the end, this is just test fitting as I went through

You can see how uneven my free hand line was!  Ended up using the curve piece i cut off to trace onto the other side.

You just tighten that bolt down and it jacks the motor up

You can see the bottom bracket in this one.  It isn't cut all curvy like the top.  There is just a hole through it with the threaded rod through, then bolts on both sides with double bolts on the bottom (figured it'd keep it from loosening, I also lock tighted the bolts for the bottom).  By the way, it is mounted perfectly straight, the angle of the camera made it look to the right.

Sorry for the dark pic, but there is a cut piece of wood mounted toward the bow for the motor to clamp to.  I also had to cut a slot for the threaded rod to move up into.  I painted the wood black, that is why it is hard to see.  It is probably just temporary until I find something nicer. 

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