Desperately seeking opinions on Lean Bars for poling/casting platforms.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fritz, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Fritz

    Fritz Well-Known Member

    Okay, my new skiff build starts soon and if I'm going to add a lean bar to the poling and casting platform this is the time to do it. Or I could save more then a little bit of money and let that fall off the list...

    I have exactly no experience with lean bars. Do I need them? Are they in the way? Can you actually lean on them or do they flex a good bit?

    If you swear by them OR at them, I would love to hear your opinions.

  2. Smackdaddy53

    Smackdaddy53 Zephyr Cove is on FIRE!

    I don't see needing a lean bar until I'm old and probably don't have any business on a platform poling a boat around anymore. Sorry to sound disrespectful but I really think they get in the way. The first thing that came off my boat when I bought it was the sissy bar.
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  3. privateer

    privateer I Love!

    I'm old...and somewhat stability challenged and have fallen or slipped off more boats, gheenoes, and SUPs than I care to admit (though thankfully in shallow water). :D

    On our recent trip to the keys my wife and I went out with a guide on his Dolphin Super Skiff in some moderate chop. He had a lean bar on his casting platform. My wife spent time up on it. At the end of the day she told me that we need to add one to ours. "Yes Dear."

    I plan to add a removable one to the casting platform sometime this year
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  4. GullsGoneWild

    GullsGoneWild I Love!

    They have a time and place. I have a buddy who has a 36" tall casting platform and he has a sissy bar and I enjoy it. Its a little on the taller side as far as sissy bars go but it doesn't get in the way of casting. My BIL had a 3/4 cage built for his casting platform for his 21' mako so we can hang on to something when fishing the beach front.
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  5. Zika

    Zika I Love!

    IMO, if you need a sissy bar on a platform, poling or casting, then you either don't need to be up there or you should find calmer water to fish. Definitely get in the way, are ugly as sin and a storage issue.
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  6. Shadowcast

    Shadowcast Ankona Sales Rep

    Their value really comes out if you spend a lot of time working tarpon off the beaches on the Gulf or ocean side in the Keys if it is rough out. For backcountry stuff or your everyday flats fishing, I think they would just get in the way.
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  7. fishicaltherapist

    fishicaltherapist I Love!

    They have their pros/cons......AND, if you have never fallen off of a poling platform...either you don't fish enough (do any of us?) or your last name is Wallenda ! I've got one for beach fishing.
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  8. Smackdaddy53

    Smackdaddy53 Zephyr Cove is on FIRE!

    I'm a ninja :D
  9. jmrodandgun

    jmrodandgun Well-Known Member

    I run one in Louisiana. If nothing else it stops whomever is on the platform from stepping off the back. If I have an experienced angler on the boat I take it off, newbies get the lean bar.

    Plus it satisfies rule #1- Look cool.
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  10. Sublime

    Sublime Well-Known Member

    If you want one get one. I've only fallen off one platform and that was on a HPX-15. I had more than one kid "fall" off the platform of my BT. Both of them weighed about 130 and just landed on their feet in the cockpit. I've thought about a grab bar at times. If nothing else for getting down off the platform. To me , that is the trickiest part.
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  11. Zika

    Zika I Love!

    Do you wear a pink Buff too? ;) JK.
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  12. Atomic

    Atomic Well-Known Member

    If I was getting a platform I'd have it, but I've also had knee surgery and my balance leaves little to be desired.
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  13. csnaspuck

    csnaspuck You got to get burned to learn

    If you get a removable one the tubes on the front of the platform also double as rod holders for when you are poling and need to quickly grab your rod.
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  14. jmrodandgun

    jmrodandgun Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about our matching pink finger condoms? If so, yes.

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  15. Zika

    Zika I Love!

    :D The mini rhinestones really match my other accessories.
  16. Net 30

    Net 30 Soy un Perdedor

    I talked to the guys at Bluepoint Fabrication and they said it's the #1 item added to poling platforms after guys take delivery on a new skiff...they do LOTS of them.
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  17. K3anderson

    K3anderson I Love!

    If you do beachside tarpon, you need them. If not, you dont.
  18. sjrobin

    sjrobin I Love!

    My jump off the platform count is four going on fourteen years. One in the skiff, the others into the water. One of those was a broken push pole.(not Stiffy) I have seen a few good ex-athletes come off the platform. It can happen to anyone that pushes a skiff more than a few times a year in varying bottom types and windy conditions. Always try to go into the water away from the engine unless you are barefoot in oyster/rock bottom. I am ordering a grab bar for the casting platform but not the the poling platform at this time. Some friends and clients will benefit with a grab bar on the casting platform. The design of my poling platform makes it less difficult to climb on or off and moves your poling weight forward.
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  19. EvanHammer

    EvanHammer I Love!

    As mentioned it depends on where/how you fish. I've got a cage for my casting platform and a leanbar for my poling platform. Don't use them unless I'm tarpon fishing but if you're anchored up with swells breaking over the boat it's nice to have something to hold onto.

    For older fishermen it's also much less fatiguing to stand up there all day if they have something to lean against / sit up on. I had my leanbar made low enough it won't interfere with the pushpole when it's in front but you can hang onto it if you're driving the iPilot or posted up in rougher water.
  20. Fritz

    Fritz Well-Known Member

    I really appreciate everyone's input, for now I think I'm going to drop the lean bars and tubes from the new boat build.
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