SOLD/EXPIRED Deep Drop and Hi-Speed weights Stuart, FL Pickup ONLY

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    Have a few weights I need to get rid of. Probably not micro stuff, but I know there's some sword and wahoo guys on here. Heck, you could use them as ballast to keep the bow down when you sit your fat a** on the back of your micro  ;)

    Deep drop weights:


    One 9lb weight: $13.50
    Three 8lb weights: $12.00 ea
    Two 7lb weights: $10.50 ea
    Two 6lb weights: $9.00 ea
    Two 4lb weights: $6.00 ea

    Hi-speed weights:
    One 16oz weight: $5.00
    Three 24oz weights: $6.00 ea
    Two 32oz weights: $7.00 ea
    Two 48oz weights: $10 ea

    With Cables and BB swivels:
    Two 60oz: $20 ea
    Two 32oz: $10 ea


    PM me here or call me at 772-521-nine nine nine zero. Please no calls after 10PM.