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Wow, cool, I always wondered what a hybrid Whip/CF would look like all stretched out. Kinda like the limo effect. Nice job for sure.
I would love to know how she planes out, are you able to get the bow down enough to take advantage of the lower reverses spray strakes?
Can you trim the bow down enough to get her to use the forward vee?
When planing out with the 40 is half the hull out or more up from amidships forward, say in flattish waters?
How’s she sit at rest with one person steering along slowly ? bow up?
Draft should be when balanced at that hull weight around 5” with a load?
Looking forward to seeing more pictures floating and running.
Well done

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Awesome! I'd love to swing by and check that thing out sometime. I definitely want to talk to y'all about a trailer and probably some tube work anyway.

So who built this, or was it a team effort? Is this Marc, or (sorry I forgot your name) the guy that runs the trailer shop?
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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