Danger Danger 3D TV !

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    This is from Samsung !   Think I will get outdoors and take in some fresh air !!!

    Samsung Warning note with new 3D TV’s:

    [ch9632]Note that watching TV while sitting too close to the screen for hours may weaken your eyesight.

    [ch9632]Note that watching TV while wearing 3D active glasses for many hours may cause headache or fatigue.

    [ch9632]If you feel headache, fatigue or dizziness, stop watching TV and rest.

    [ch9632]Some 3D pictures may startle or excite viewers.  The pregnant, elderly, and eplleptic and those suffering from a weak heart or serious car sickness are advised to avoid watching 3D pictures.

    [ch9632]We don’t recommend 3D pictures to those who are in bad physical condition, who are in want of sleep or who drank liquor.

    [ch9632]When watching 3D pictures, ensure you do not place any object that is harmful or can easily be broken near you.  Being startled or deluding yourself into thinking that the 3D images are real may cause you to crush a nearby object or get injured trying to move your body.