Dang Racoons!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Un-shore, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Un-shore

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    Okay, I'm fed up and feeling like Wiley Coyote.

    A few weeks back I found a momma racoon made the miracle of life in my gheenoe. Animal control came out and made the miracle of varmit removal but the momma escaped.

    The b@#$%h keeps coming back and making my life miserable not to mention unclean for the family. I set out a humane trap and waited, and waited, finally one day I find the trap tripped and empty! I'm like WTF? The baits gone and the grass under it ripped up like something was in there. But it must have been a small animal right? Wrong, as I found out later!

    Yesterday I came home and there is my nemesis pacing back and forth in the trap. So now what? I have thought out what to do before, I can't shoot it obviously as much as I would like. A bang stick is not much safer, but I've considered it. My plan was to gas it with my trucks exhaust.

    As I was carrying the cage to the driveway the monster gets all crazy and manages to squirm it's way out of the trap door and hauls azz acrossed the street and out of sight. 

    I'm sure it will return but I don't know if it will fall for the trap a third time especially after I tried to strangle it with the door and hit it with the cage as it ran away. So it might have a natural fear of wire cages now.

    My question is there any way I should feel bad about poisoning it? At this point I would have no problem with it so I need moral guidance on this issue. I would put the poison in the middle of my pond so stray cats won't get at it. I hate the thought of this thing crawling off and dying in whichever of the three vacant houses yards/sheds and stinking up the place but what the H.

    A friend suggested propping a bait filled bowl up in a concrete mixing trough with both filled with water and electrical leads attached so when it stands in the trough and reaches for the bait it gets electricuted. He has done this and it works. Once again, looking for moral guidance as I would kill this thing with a golf club at this point but want to be humane at the same time.
  2. mark_gardner

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    i tried the electrical thing with a stray cat that i thought might be rabid years ago and it failed so maybe you could tell me exactly how thats done [smiley=hmmm.gif] sounds like if the trap thing doesnt work again ( and i'd try it a few more times just to see possibly tempting the coon with something really good to eat) then a 22 should get the job done, dont know how more humane you can get than that :)

  3. Brett

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    What you see as a problem, in my old neighborhood, we saw as opportunity.
    Anyone can kill an raccoon, but live-trappin' is much more entertaining.
    We'd put together all sorts of rube-goldberg contraptions to see who'd be the one to ketch 'em.
    Then after the ketchin' came the road trip. An excuse to go for a ride out in the woods.
    Cooler full of grub and drinks then out to the 'glades to release the 'coon or possum,
    then sit around and enjoy an evening outdoors with friends.
    We were so easily entertained... :cool:
  4. anytide

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    be careful of ammo-poision ...collateral damage can be costly :-[,,,did you try to pet nicely upon capture ...if you rub the belly like a blue crab she'll go to sleep for a safe and humane return to the wild!!!!! ;D
  5. Brett

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    AT, rubbing the belly works on gators, try that on an irate raccoon,
    and you're gonna look like you've been juggling chainsaws
    and grabbed the wrong part, more than once!


    I like that mental image...but that's just me... ;)
  6. phishphood

    phishphood Beer is good, Beer is good, and stuff!

    I hear they fetch a pretty fair price in certain parts of Sanford......just sayin ;D
  7. FSUfisher

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    I'd forget the electricity idea. Once you have enough juice to either run the thing away for good or kill it you've possibly created a dangerous situation. I don't see what the question is about humanity and guns. My best option would be to cap it with a .22 and CB caps. EZPZ. When I was younger my cousin and I killed five coons in one morning with nothing more than a couple of BB guns and a shovel (long, award-winning story).
    I'm amazed he made it out of that trap though. A buddy and I tried to start a business trapping these in cages and selling them to less upstanding folks. We never had a problem with them getting out of the cages. If you want to go that route, put an open can of tuna in the cage; it's irresistible. Then take the cage to "that" part of town with the prisoner alive- the customers usually prefer them that way. Sell (or give) the live coon to said locals and never worry about killing the dang thing yourself. ;)
    Just be careful, you may be mistaken for someone they owe crack money to. :-?
  8. Brett

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    The most effective method I've found to stop varmints from being
    nuisance visitors is to mark your territory. Sounds silly but it works.
    Wolves, dogs, cats all mark their turf with a few sprays of urine.
    Lets other animals know to keep out. Create a line of demarcation
    with a bit of kidney filtered beer around your property. Works to
    keep out possums, armadillos and raccoons. Of course what a dog
    can mark out in a few minutes might take you a few days and a case of beer.

  9. skinny_water

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    Humane traps work. Just take a string and run it from the trap door to the front of the cage. Once the sucker is in there, tie the string off so the door won't open. This also helps when you go open the door of the cage so you can do it from a safe distance. Take them many miles away and your set. We used to release them in a vacant lot on the other side of town...close to another food sorce, ;)