Customize Gheenoe/Peenoe Spider

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by BKE, May 28, 2015.

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    Hello all! I have been searching for my first Microskiff for over a year, and I just bought a used Peenoe Spider 16'-1" from a nice retired gentleman. I love it! It has a 2008 20hp Nissan Marine, with steering with less than 20 hours on it. The boat & motor are like new. Here are my questions:
    1) I want to add a front deck. I am considering a rear deck & a new console. I would love to do it myself, but I just cannot make the time. Where is a good source to get work like that done? I am located in middle Tennesssee, but I am not opposed to driving the boat for a good source.
    2) I am going to add trim/tilt to my motor. Is Bobs Machine Shop the best solution?