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Custom Vinyl: Decals, Boat Numbers, Boat Names, Law Sticks, Fish, Wall Art and More. I can do any design that you dream up. I have hundreds of fonts and all types of logos and art. Custom work is my specialty.

Customer Service: Fast Effective Communication, Quick Turnaround on Designs, Orders Processed in 2-3 Business Days

Max dimensions: 24in x 10ft

Vinyl: I primarily use ORACAL Series 651. 2.5 mils thick, ORACAL 651 offers six-year outdoor durability, flexibility, thermal print compatibility, and a choice of 60 high-gloss colors.

Based directly on size and amount of colors in the design. Carbon Fiber and other specialty vinyl require a 20% up-charge. Complex designs require a 20% up-charge.

Examples( these are only examples of pricing, all items are custom and available within maximum sizing constraints)
- 2 color Registration Numbers (pair): 3" x 20"   $45 shipped
- 1 color Registration Numbers (pair): 3" x 20"   $27 shipped
- 1 color Custom Law Stick (Boat Name and/or Design on left): 3" x 36"  $26 shipped
- 2 color Boat Name (pair): 12" x 48"  $111 shipped
- 1 color Boat Name (pair): 12" x 48"  $66 shipped

Payments: I use Paypal to take payments. You can use your credit card or checking account to pay and you don't have to have a Paypal account.

Shipping: Items are shipped from NW FL via USPS Priority (2-3 days US) for $5-$8

Contact: PM me or post in this thread. I am here all the time.

Colors: This is what I have in stock. I can order additional colors but it must meet a minimum order of $100 for me to order new colors. It will add 3 days to the processing of your order.

All Colors:

Font Styles:

Some Examples:
Boat Numbers

Custom Law Sticks

Boat Names


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Going to have to give credit to Lwalker on his great business skills. Put in a order and within a few days, including a holiday, I had a set of high quality decals at my door. Thx again for the speedy and quality service :cool:
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