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Custom Skiff project - $1200 OBO

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Custom 12'6" flats skiff and magic tilt trailer.

I purchased this a few years ago and it was a center console with a hull and a heavy liner.  I stripped the boat down to the bare hull and started to build it from scratch to my specs.  I cut about 6” of the freeboard down and built a custom deck using foam structural coring, fiberglass and epoxy.  The boat is ultra-light and solid as a rock.  Rather than painting the deck, I covered it with 1/8” mahogany and okoume and a few coats of marine epoxy.  There is a 3” PVC rigging tube running from front to back..  There are numerous dry storage compartments under the deck.  There is a battery box under the deck.  I filled a few cavities with expanding floatation foam for extra buoyancy. 
Boat is 12'6" and 60" wide at the transom with a moderate v hull.
Lately, I haven’t had the time to finish it, so there are still a few items that need addressed.  This is still a project, but could be in the water with a weekend worth of work.

The Transom needs a coat of filler putty to smooth it out and then sand flat.
The hull needs painted. 
The wiring needs to be run for the shark’s eye nav lights.
There are built-in dry storage compartments under the deck that can be accessed through the deck, or through the front and rear bulkheads.  You could cut hatches either way.
The deck needs a finish coat of epoxy to fill in a few grooves between the stripping.
The cockpit needs to be painted, carpeted, or finished.
I planned on mounting an outboard (5-25HP) to a kicker bracket for power.
I planned on mounting a polling platform.

As is – $1200 OBO (813) 416-4538
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