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I've been slacking posting with all the family time and trips going on lately. But here's some pics and info on what's been going on in Crystal River and the surrounding areas.

The few days after Christmas I had some customers that just wanted to go fishing. So we went out in search of whatever would bite our lures. The trout fishing has been phenomenal lately, and my customers that keep fish have been enjoying their limit of trout. We've been looking for the kelp (or rock grass) patches in 2 to 4 feet of water and throwing jigs with gulp, mirrolure lil' johns or, fly the fly angler, a heavy shrimp pattern on a sink tip line with a longer leader. We just blind cast these zones while we're drifting until we stop getting bites. Then we set up and do it again. The day after Christmas, I had a couple that was pretty competitive with each other, which made the trout fishing really fun to watch. It was almost every cast for the most part! One would catch a fish, and the other would catch one right after. There was a little bit of trash talk going on, but it was a close race till the end!

With grouper season closing at the end of December, I had 1 trip left for casting plugs with customers. So offshore we went to look for the shallow rock piles that hold those tasty critters. Found a few and had a blast doing that to end the season!

Once the last grouper trip was done, it was time to get back in my skiff and see what the redfish were up to, as it had been a week since I had thrown a fly at them. Went out to scout some areas on the negative tides we had late last month and found a few good groups of really happy fish. I ended up getting to fish the first day of the new year with my fiance, as she's been learning to fly fish for the last couple months, and she wanted to catch her first redfish on fly. We left the house at the crack of 8:30 to let the sun get up and off we went. After several attempts at getting the fly in front of fish and having the wind shut her down, we took a small lunch break and waited on the cloud cover to break some. We had another 45 minutes before the tide was going to turn and come back in so we tried to make it count. I poled over to a shell bar where we could see the fish crossing and finally we got the fly in front of one. She made a great cast, but unfortunately for her it landed in front of a monster sheepy, and she got denied LOL. Shortly after that, the tide turned and the water got dirty, so we headed to the house. She told me she wanted to go again the next day, so off we went. Did the same exact thing, except this time, we had the wind at her back as it was coming out of the south. She grabbed my 6 weight and hopped on the platform. First bank we poled down she had a fish follow her fly and eat it, but someone forgot what to do after that. After spooking a few more fish, we changed areas and got to where we could really see fish glowing. The bottom in this spot is a shell bar, but there is grass 5 feet away from the bar. These fish glow bright red in this area, so they're generally very easy to see. We started down the bar and I noticed her drop the fly and start casting. Sure enough she spotted a fish that was nose down in the grass waving his tail at her. First cast was too far to the left, but she picked up and set the fly down like a pro. Finally! We get a good cast and a solid eat, with the added bonus of a strip set this time haha. She went on to hook 2 more fish, but they both spit the hook each time unfortunately. She even poled me around for about 15 minutes! Looking forward to getting out there again in the next few days and seeing what else we can do!

Still trying to figure out how to do the pictures here, maybe one day I'll figure it out :)



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