Crystal 16 Flats Skiff Design

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    After what seems like an eternity, I have finally finished the Crystal 16 Flats Skiff! The delays were caused by some paying customers as well as my ongoing battle with cancer. I won't make the mistake of announcing a new design before it is finished again!


    The baby brother to the Osprey 18, the Crystal 16 is very similar while being completely different! The only thing they share is the 66" beam, everything else is different.

    She has a casting deck forward and two casting decks outboard back aft. Her fuel tank is a simple portable unit that is easily purchased and installed between the aft casting decks. Tiller steering only, no console! All her batteries will be up forward under the casting deck.

    Her construction is 1/4" canoe strips with a layer of 1208 double-bias fiberglass set in epoxy on either side. Framing is all 12mm marine plywood, glued in with epoxy fillets and 1208 tape. I think she will be a fun boat to build and fish! Just remember to keep her simple and light!


    Her specs are as follows:

    LOA: 15'-9"
    LWL: 14'-2"
    Beam: 66"
    Draft (Keel): 6"
    Displacement: 1,100 Lbs
    Fuel Capacity: 6.5 gals.
    Deadrise: 6 Degrees
    Freeboard (Fwd): 18 1/2"
    Freeboard (Aft): 13 1/2"
    Power: 25-30 HP Tiller OB
    Speed: 27 Knots w/25 HP (Estimated)
    Construction: Strip Planked Composite

    Smith Marine Design
    Contact/Designer: Timm Smith
    9200 N. Lennox Terrace
    Citrus Springs, FL 34434


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