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    Sooooooo, earlier today I drove up-the-way to see a trailer that I found on C-list. I got there, gave the trailer a good looking-over and it just wasn't worth it. Sure it had new tires and only a little rust on the tubes BUT all but two of the rollers were completely seized up. The two that were not seized up were on the verge. The bearings were really bad, I could cause the tires to wobble a full 8-10 degrees by hand(about 1 1/2" of travel side-to-side). A lot of the bolts holding the roller arms to the frame were stripped and rusted. I took a full 15 mins of this guys time then he and his son got irritated. Now I'm not one to waist a fellas time but I'm gonna look things over and  I'm glad I did. They kept trying to "sale" the trailer BUT for $650 FIRM I had to turn it down. They constantly reminded me that the trailer was a $1800 (galvanized) trailer but nope.....ol myopic Oysterbreath wasn't hearing it. The only thing that irritates me about the whole experience is how quickly the dude went from nice to Jersey asshat once I started looking at the hubs! But ol Oyster stayed nice and polite and said his "yes sirs" the whole way through even as the fella hurled semi-insults as I walked off to my car! I think that's the LAST C-list experience for me...  [smiley=haggle.gif]
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    Be careful oyster...imac is handing out one way tickets to people who are not complimenting the crap for sale on CL.

    What I believe you meant to say was: The play in the hubs was exceptional with the brand new rubber on the highly polished iron oxide rims. The non stereotypical nice gentlemen from Dirty Jersey were firm in their fair asking price, but in the end you preferred a little more moderately decorated trailer.