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couple of fiberglass mat questions

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this has been my project boat for a while now. let me just start by saying thanks to "beyond help" for posting his build log. i was torn between dorections to go on my front deck. i wanted to build it about 2" lower than the sides but didnt want the work that would come along with that.

but on to the questions. my first question is on my deck, it will be 3/4" ply the original deck was in good condition just not what i wanted. it just a had a layer or two of resin on the boat and then glass on top. what kind of mat am i gonna need on the top of it. im gonna have braces on the bottom of it so i odnt need the glass for strength just abrasion. im assumin a layer of csm then cloth then csm? can i get away with two layers of csm?

also, on the side i have a lip that is a lil over 3/4". i want to cut a strip of 3/4" ply wood to fill it in so my sides are flat. i plan on coating this with resin then clampiing it to the side with 5200 then putting csm over it. will i need a layer of cloth or will the csm be enough? i cut my storage boxes out which helped strengthen the sides. which is why i want to run a strip of 3/4" down the side to help brace it back up, also to make the sides flat instead of having that lip

my plan is installing my front deck then i'll have a 3/4" difference on the gunnel. after i glass a strip of plywood to the sides to make them flat. i plan on running another strip of plywood down the gunnels so that they will be flush/flat and beefed up. im not that good on microsoft paint or i would try to draw pictures