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converting Lowrance Numbers?

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I've recently aquired about 200 Lowrance numbers from an older unit...

They are all for general areas I fish, but my boat is rigged with a Garmin GPS441s,

does anyone know how to easily convert the lowrance numbers into gps numbers?


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On a garmin you can go to the menu
then go to change numbers
change coordinate system to loran or TD
enter your stored numbers on the garmin and save them
when you change back to lat . lon. they will be saved in that format

thats probably the fastest way

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lawrance, loran opps... either way as long as i can find these spots i will be eating good the last wed/thur of this month

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Is that why I put the numbers into a hand held garmin it won't accept them? I have it in the wrong mode?
My father-in-law gave me his hand held and I tried to put in the numbers from this website but it wouldn't accept them???
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