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Converting a canoe to a flat stern.

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I recently acquired an old fiberglass canoe. I would like to convert it to a flat stern to put a small mud motor on. I'm hoping to use it as a small duck boat. any advice on how this could be done would be greatly appreciated.
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This boat is the best canoe-to-boat build I've seen.  He did a hellacious job.  I swear the original build thread was on here somewhere, but I only can find the threads that Snooker posted after he bought it.  I am probably thinking of another canoe-to-boat project

It isn't a terribly difficult project.  Obviously, the one that is linked started as a flatback canoe and ended up a bit higher class than a quick and dirty duckboat build needs to be, but you can infer how the builder worked though the build as you look through the pics.  The process for a changing a double ender to a flat back will require a bit more thought, but it will follow the same general concepts. You'll probably lose 10-12" of length.

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